Quay Diving Services

We provides a variety of marine construction and underwater services, from the installation of coastal defence systems and scour protection to sub-sea demolition. 

Our objective is to provide a reliable and professional marine contractual service to your project, no matter the size or complexity.

Possessing in-house specialist trained dive personnel and having acquired multiple years of experience, Quay diving Services are arguably one of the best skilled and equipped commercial diving companies.

Quay Diving Services Marine & Construction capabilities include but are not exclusive to:      

  • Pile wrapping and anode installation
  • Scour protection; concrete mattress installation
  • Underwater Concreting                                                                          
  • Harbour and Jetty construction     
  • Pile protection system installation
  • Coastal protection; rock armouring, precast concrete sea defence units
  • Coded underwater welding and burning
  • Assisting with underwater works as part of wind farm installation
  • Dock wall, lock gate, bridge and jetty maintenance
  • Slipway construction and underwater refurbishment
  • Diamond wire cutting
  • Outfall pipeline installation, inspection and repair
  • Slipway construction and underwater refurbishment
  • Underwater demolition and oxy thermal burning projects

Our extensive experience as a marine contractor means we ensure an efficient service, so your project runs on time and within budget.

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